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Your Life, Expertly Managed

Actions For Today

What's your definition of wealth? Let's find it together and create the plan!

Financial and Personal Risk Assessments

Your advisor will complete an extensive financial analysis of 13 Wealth Management issues to understand the assets you have (annuities, insurance policies, investments, etc.) and compare that with your financial goals for the future.

Financial Mapping

After careful consideration of the financial and personal goals outlined in the Financial and Risk Assessment meeting, your Lakeside advisor will present a detailed financial map that will cover a wide variety of topics such as investment plans, education funding, retirement, and more.

Asset Management

By objectively evaluating all types of investment opportunities your Lakeside advisor can determine what the optimal asset mix is for you and your family. After the evaluation, your advisor will recommend how to create the most efficient financial plan available for your stage of life.

Risk Management

Properly mitigating your personal risk involves a variety of tools including; portfolio balance, life insurance, long-term care insurance and succession planning. All of these elements are part of the risk management services provided by Lakeside Wealth Management.

Women's Circles

We know women perceive, understand and relate to money differently than men. Our Circles aim to help women evolve and move forward with confidence around money. Circles take place inside the privacy of the Lakeside café and offer women a safe and comfortable setting to connect, share and engage on important topics that we all face throughout our lives. For more information about financial services for women or for circle dates please email Jenn Brown -

Services For Tomorrow

Let's talk about funding education, insurance & LTC, taxes, estate planning and charitable giving - and let's start right now. When you are ready to retire, we want you to do it on your own terms.

Education Funding

Funding an education can mean much more than choosing the right 529 plan. Your Lakeside advisor will help determine the best savings plan for you and your child.

Long-Term Care

Your Lakeside advisor can help to preserve your independence, preserve your assets and ensure a tax-free income stream through long-term care insurance.

Retirement Savings

Lakeside Wealth Management will work with you to create or evaluate your investment strategies. We are committed to working with a variety of different financial service providers to compile a solution that is uniquely suited to you.

Legacy Planning

Planning beyond you - for the people, organizations and charities that are important to you.

Estate & Tax Planning

Your Lakeside advisor will review your will and/or trust; attempting to help preserve your estate for your intended heirs by reducing your estate taxes and probate costs.

Life Insurance

Lakeside works with a variety of insurance providers and can help clients determine their insurance needs.

Charitable Intentions

For many Lakeside clients, a portion of their legacy is designated for charitable giving. With a Lakeside legacy plan in place, your advisor will be able to execute those wishes on your behalf to the charity or organizations of your choice.

Generational Planning

Lakeside can help you find solutions to grow and protect your wealth as it transitions to the hands of your children and their children.